Silent Invaders - Combat gliders of the Second World War

Author:Gary A. Best
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First published in 2014, Silent Invaders is the story of airborne assault, supply and rescue missions using that uniquely second world war solution; the combat glider.

This book tells the story of combat glider development in pre-war Germany, and the subsequent adoption of the idea by Great Britain, the United States, Russia and Japan. It outlines the development and deployment of all combat gliders, including Russian and Japanese models and the little known American CG-13A and CG-15A, and tells the story of training of the crews in wartime Great Britain and America. It then outlines the operations that they were used in by Germany, the UK and the US from the assault on Eben Emael in 1940 by German Special Forces right through to the last known combat use in the Pacific in 1945.

Often illustrated by personal recollections from aircrew of all nations it fills a huge gap in the written history of airborne operations in the second world war. If I have any critisism of this book it is that to avoid perceived bias or not giving credit to all units taking part, the quotes and recollections of the aircrews are given anonymously, which I think is a shame.

Published by Fonthill, hard back with dust jacket, the book contains 232 pages and is copiuosly illustrated throughout with black and white photographs and drawings.

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ISBN; 978 1 62545 000 5

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