S.A.I.S. No.7, Magazine Lee Metford & Magazine Lee Enfield Rifles

Author:Ian Skennerton
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S.A.I.S. No.7, .303 Magazine Lee-Metford and Magazine Lee-Enfield

Number 7 in the Small Arms Identification Series, this book deals with the rifles MLM & MLE and also the Carbines MLM & MLE. Always a difficult subject to master because of the myriad changes made to improve the rifles and carbines between Marks and '*'s, this book will become an indispensable guide when trying to unravel the identity of the mystery Lee rifle on your bench.

The book contains 49 pages and is packed with information, well illustrated with numerous line drawings and B&W photographs. Sections include genealogy, parts manufacturer identification, model identification tables, differences in rifle model component parts and differences between rifle and carbine parts, specifications, a user guide, illustrated parts lists including accessories and a section on stripping and assembly.

ISBN 0 949749 25 7

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