German Universal Machine Guns, Vol 2 by Folke Myrvang

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'German Universal Machine Guns Volume 2 - From MG08 to MG3' is a truly fantastic book - not a recommendation that I give lightly! Volume 2, follows on directly from Folke Myrvang's 'MG34 - MG42, German Universal Machine Guns' (also stocked by us as available). To give a full run down of this book would take more space and time than can be allowed for here, but to give a flavour of what is on offer here are just some of the items covered; MG08, MG08/15, MG13, MG34 fore runners, MG34, MG42, MG45, MG3 plus numerous experimental and trial guns from Germany and Norway, amongst others (including a touch on the Norwegian .30-06 converted Brens!). Accessories, ancillary items, optics, vehicle mountings, AA mountings, fortress mountings, sustained fire mountings, tools, ammunition, licensed production and fake collectors items.

All of the information is well researched and well written and exceptionally well illustrated, mostly in original colour photographs. The book contains 26 chapters, 2 appendixes and a bibliography, which in addition to the usual published works also contains a run-down of the training pamphlets written for the subject guns, both from Germany and overseas. Highly recommended and seriously good value for money. Hard back with dust jacket. Size 230 x 286mm, containing 512 pages with 986 illustrations in the form of both black & white and many colour photographs and line drawings.

ISBN 0-88935-542-8

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