The Browning Machine Gun Vol 3 by Dolf L Goldsmith

Author:Dolf L Goldsmith
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Volume 3 of Dolf Goldsmith's excellent series on the Browning MG is sub titled 'Supporting the Rifle Calibre Brownings'. The sub title undersells this book! As most of us are never in a position to own a Browning, especially a 'live' gun, far less gather a collection of them, most of our interest - in terms of identification and collection - is going to be focussed on the mounts, tools, gauges and accessories that made the Browning the rugged success that it certainly was (and still is in some cases). If that is the case then this is the book for you!

The dust jacket notes of this volume list the topics covered in depth (the publishers emphasis) as; Component nomenclature, mounts (ground, vehicle and aircraft), sights, flash hiders, ammunition, belts, boxes and belt filling tools, cooling equipment, transport equipment, canvas accessories, training devices and sub calibre conversions, tools and gauges, manuals, handbooks and instructions.

It is all in here - and I cannot recommend it highly enough if Browning MGs are 'your thing'. Hard back with dust jacket. Size 230 x 286mm, containing 488 pages with 766 illustrations in the form of both black & white photographs and line drawings.

ISBN 0 88935-445-6

Stock Number; SABMG003


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