The Hayes Handgun Omnibus

Author:Ian Skennerton
Book Code:SABPL003
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This book, in full colour, depicts the massive handgun collection of Ronald Hayes. This presentation of more than 1000 pistols from many different makers and countries is catalogued in alphabetical order. Each section is arranged in an essential chronological sequence following the various models and their development. Technical data and notes accompanying each entry made an ideal study while the colour illustrations in most instances provide more detail than is possible with so many written descriptions. In fact, using a magnifying glass can bring up even more.

The result of a lifetime’s collecting, this book is much more than a catalogue and covers a wide range of models and manufacturers of antique, historical, sporting, presentation, target and service issue pistols and revolvers.

Formerly priced at £49.95 (and selling elsewhere on the internet at over £100) a special purchase of these books now enables us to sell them at this greatly reduced price - sensational value for money!

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