Restock of Ian Skennerton SAIS's

We have been critically short of a number of these (now effectively out of print) titles for some time now. We have managed to refresh our selection of some of the more popular titles such as Bren, No4 Rifle, SMLE, Vickers and 7.62mm Lee Enfields (including the L42A1) - however it has meant a price hike and all of the series are now priced at £15 each! Whilst it is possible that we may be able to get a few more at some time in the future this is far from certain, so get them while you can!

Other news on Skennerton titles. We have secured a few copies of his seminal work 'The Lee Enfield' and I am pleased to say 5 copies only of his long out of print 'SLR Australias FN FAL'. Until these arrive I will not have a final price for these but watch this space!