Announcement - System and Hardware Upgrade

System Upgrade. Please be aware that we are upgrading our hardware and operating system this week. As of the evening of Wednesday the 15th January, 2020 we will be offline and unable to process orders or answer email until Monday the 20th January! It is possible that we will be back before then, however to be sure - and hopefully 'glitch free' - I will say Monday. The website will still be there and available to take orders, however you will not get notification of us processing them until we are back up and running and can actually see them! Apologies for any inconvenience caused. For the same reason, should you email us during this period with queries, praise (or abuse!) we will not be able to see them or to reply. "Surely" I hear you say, "you must have other devices which could handle this???". To which I can only say no, I am a dinosaur and handling one computer takes all of the brain cells that I have, another would just cause me to melt down - so please be patient.