'Mauser Pistolen' by Weaver, Speed & Schmid

'Mauser Pistolen' By W. Darrin Weaver, Jon Speed & Walter Schmid, is another indispensable reference book from the Collector Grade marque. The book gives a comprehensive chronology of the development and production of handguns by the world famous Mauser Werke of Oberndorf, Germany. Far more than a dry list or catalogue, the book follows not only the guns themselves but the story of the design department - initially overseen by Paul Mauser himself - from the formation of the company in 1877 through to the French controlled era post WW2. It tells of not only the guns that made the Mauser reputation, such as the C96 (the 'Broomhandle') but of the experimental weapons which led to their development and gives much information on the (now largely lost) Mauser reference collection. There is also a lot of detail on the political infighting in Germany, especially in the 1930's which began to see Mauser overshadowed by other arms manufacturers. Also included here is a fascinating section on the 'last ditch' pistols, mostly never produced, for the Volksturm. Frightening indeed! Hard back with dust jacket. Size 230 x 286mm, containing 368 pages with 461 illustrations in the form of both black & white photographs and line drawings. ISBN 0-88935-451-0. Stock number BOOKS62.
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