S.A.I.S. No.13 Special Service Lee Enfields

Author:Ian Skennerton
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S.A.I.S. No13. Special Service Lee-Enfields. Commando & Auto Models

Number 13 in the Ian Skennerton 'Small Arms Identification Series'. This volume covers the 'odd-balls’ of the Lee-Enfield family, the Special Service variants. These include the famous De Lisle silenced carbine and various attempts, some more successful than others, to convert the Lee-Enfield bolt operated rifles into self loading rifles or light machine guns.

The book looks in detail at the De Lisle conversion and includes specifications as well as Patent and production drawings for many of the converted components. On the auto loading conversions, the weapons covered include the Charlton, the Howell & the Howard Francis auto carbine.

48 pages with soft card covers.

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