World War One: A Chronological Narrative

Author:Philip Warner
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The Great War will never be forgotten but that does not mean that it is well understood. Then, as now, it was the massive set piece battles (such as The Somme and Passchendaele) that are best remembered. Myths have developed over the years to the point where they became virtually unquestioned facts. But for a genuine grasp of the conflict as a whole, with its diverse and complex elements, the political background, allegiances and alliances of the combatants and the military thinking of the time must be grasped.

Philip Warner provides a clear understanding of both political and military events and the motives of the waring parties. He lists the main figures and comments objectively on their strengths and failings as well as the significance of their strategies and tactics on the ground. Hopefully he describes the end game, the literature spawned by war and asks ‘was it avoidable’?

Hard back.

Stock No; WWONEG002

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