Glider Pilots in Sicily.

Author:Mike Peters
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This well researched book by an expert on his subject lifts the veil on the first large scale use of gliders in action. This occured in July 1943 as part of Operation HUSKY, the Allied invasion of Nazi-occupied Sicily.

Flying in large numbers of troops by night over the sea, and against a well trained enemy, would be a challenge at any time. But, as the author reveals, the newly formed airlanding forces and the pilots of both the tug aircraft and the newly formed Glider Pilot Regiment woefully lacked the necessary experience and training to carry this off. The results was little short of disaster. Over 300 men were drowned, and all too few troops made landings successfully enough to carry out their assigned missions.

Thanks to shining examples of collective and individual heroism by the survivors total catastrophy was averted and the Glider Pilot Regiment went on to acheive great things in subsequent campaigns and actions.

The book covers both the landings in Sicily, and the formation of the British Airlanding and Airborne Forces and the Glider Pilot Regiment.

Very far from a dry history, the book is highly readable, with many passages from both glider pilots who took part in the action and men of the Airlanding Brigade itself.

Published by Pen & Sword, Hard back with dust jacket, the book is 305 pages long with 16 pages of illustrations. Published at a recommended retail price of £25.00.

ISBN; 978 1 84884 683 8.

Stock No; WWTWOA011

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