Rock in a Hard Place

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Right from its inception as a hand-built, open top, closed-bolt-firing model, John M. Browning’s “Automatic Machine Rifle” was an instant success. It remained one of the most popular and respected weapons in the U.S. arsenal for over four decades, proving time and again that, when the fighting got heavy, the BAR was truly a ‘Rock in a Hard Place’.

The book is split into four parts. Part 1: The U.S. Service B.A.R. Part 2: The B.A.R. in Depth. Part 3: The B.A.R. Offshore. Part 4: The Immortal B.A.R.

469 Pages, Hardcover with Dust Jacket, Black and White Illustrations and Line Drawings. 

ISBN: 0 88935 263 1

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