The Browning Machine Gun, Vol 2

Author:Dolf L Goldsmith
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Volume 2 in this remarkable 5 volume series is sub titled 'Rifle Calibre Brownings Abroad'. The book focuses on Foreign manufactured rifle calibre Brownings with a big emphasis on British and Commonwealth made and converted guns, but including also Belgian, Dutch, Polish, Norwegian, Swedish, South American, Japanese and Israeli variants amongst others.

A fascinating read throughout, this is a book that can be read cover to cover or dipped into randomly with equal certainty of getting something good from it every time. Highly recommended - especially for students of British and Commonwealth Army and Air Force equipments during and after the Second World War.

Hard back with dust jacket. Size 230 x 286mm, containing 392 pages, with 486 illustrations in the form of black & white photographs.

ISBN 0-88935-380-8

Stock Number; SABMG002


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