Forgotten Voices of D-Day by Roderick Bailey

Author:Roderick Bailey
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6 June 1944: the day Allied forces crossed the English Channel and began fighting their way into Nazi-occupied north-west Europe. Initiated by parachute and glider units and covered by air and naval bombardment, the Normandy landings were the most ambitious combined airborne and amphibious assault ever attempted. Their success marked the beginning of the end for Nazi Germany.

Drawing on thousands of hours of eyewitness testimony recorded by the Imperial War Museum, Forgotten Voices of D-Day tells us the story of the landings in the words of those who were there. With accounts ranging form memories of the daring capture of “Pegasus” bridge by British glider-borne troops to brutal fighting as the assault forces stormed the beaches, this is a powerful and important new record of a defining moment in modern history.

Introduction by Winston S Churchill.

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