Telescope Sighting No.32 - Including the No.42, No.53 & L1A1

Author:Peter Laidler
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This is the forth edition of Peter Laidler’s privately published, carefully researched and very practical guide to the No.32 Snipers Telescope as fitted to the Enfield No.4(T) sniper rifle and, in its later L1A1 form, the 7.62mm L42A1 rifle. This book has been much sought after in recent years by Sniper collectors, shooters and Armourers.

We have been fortunate in locating the supplier for these books and at this time we believe that we are the only stockists in Europe. Soft card covers, sized 135 x 210mm, with 94 pages crammed full of information and practical advice on collecting, shooting, repairing and restoring these highly desirable telescopes, all written in Peter Laidler’s inimitable style.

Highly recommended reading and an ideal companion to Peter Laidler's other work 'The No.4(T) - An Armourers Perspective' on the rifle - now sadly out of print.

Note; These are from a fresh print run of the book. Unfortunately - due to increased costs - we have had to increase the price, although we have tried to keep it as low as is practical.

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