Anders Lassen V.C. M.C. of the SAS

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Anders Lassen, a Dane serving as a deck hand on an oil tanker in 1940, was killed in action in Italy on the 9th of April, 1945. By this time he was a Major in the SAS and had been awarded no fewer than 3 Military Crosses, and for his final action the Victoria Cross - the only VC awarded to the SAS in WW2.

A complex charicter, even the author was said to not have particularly liked him having completed his book on him, but respected him more than ever, the name of Anders Lassen is little known outsideof the world of Special Forces - even in his native Denmark. Previously to the publication of this book only one other had been written on him, a long out of print book by his mother and only published in the Danish language. This book contains much original research by the author and first hand accounts of the man gleaned from the soldiers of the SAS, SBS and Small Raiding Squadron who served with him.

His final action in Comacchio, Italy, remains clouded in controversy, with arguements as to what exactly happened still continuing to this day. These are fully examined in this book.

First published in 1988, this edition was published by Pen & Sword in 2016. Hard back, with dust jacket, the book contains 254 pages plus 8 pages of black and white photographs,

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