Forgotten Voices of the Secret War by Roderick Bailey

Author:Roderick Bailey
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The Special Operations Executive (SOE) was a secret British Organisation created early in the Second World War to encourage resistance and carry out sabotage behind enemy lines in Winston Churchill’s famous phrase, to ‘set Europe ablaze’. Drawing on the vast resources of the Imperial War Museum Sound Archive and featuring a mass of previously unpublished personal testimonies, Forgotten Voices of the Secret War tells the stories of SOE agents, HQ staff, diplomats, aircrew and naval personnel in their own words.

As the war unfolds, we learn of parachute drops into enemy territory, torture bt the Gestapo and nerve-wracking sabotage missions in far-flung climes. Forgotten voices of the Secret War is both an incredible account of a unique clandestine force and a fitting testament to the efforts and sacrifices of a dedicated group of courageous men and women.

Introduction by: Sebastian Faulks.

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